Grassy Mountain Woodworks

After a 34 year career working for the National Park Service, and enjoying woodworking as a hobby, I retired.  We found land we liked in Montana and have spent the last several years building a house, a garage/guest room, building corrals and sheds and fences.  Along with the necessities, I have enjoyed spending lots of time in my shop, turning wood into creations that are functional, as well as artistic.  As most woodworkers do, I started by creating gifts for family and friends.  As word of mouth usually works, I started getting orders for various projects.  Thinking I may have something here, I decided to make it official, and a business was started. 

Grassy Mountain Woodworks is located on our property in southwestern Montana.  We are lucky enough to have many of Mother Nature's most beautiful raw materials all around us.  I see potential for amazing projects everywhere I look, and I scout around frequently for unique and unusual shapes.  

I create most of my furniture using the natural shape of the raw material.  I let the twists and turns determine the final outcome, resulting in a one of a kind piece. 

When I do need dimensional lumber for a table, a dresser, or something similar, I start with a tree and cut the lumber myself.  This allows me to be able to select the width of the boards, use the unique characteristics within the wood, and end up with exactly what I want. 

Hello - I am Rick Watson, and I'm happy to welcome you to the Grassy Mountain Woodworks website.  I hope the information that I include here will give you an idea of what I do and how we can help you by creating one of a kind furniture for your home or office.